Hey Everybody

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song name Hey Everybody
artist They Might Be Giants
releases eMusic Freebies
year 2000
first played November 8, 1994 (6 known performances)
run time 1:40
sung by John Flansburgh, John Linnell


  • Sometimes used to play the band to the stage.
  • This song was one of several free MP3s offered through eMusic that predated TMBG Unlimited.
  • The album for this MP3 was listed as "Hey Everybody"; unlike the other eMusic Freebies, however, this song had no album number listed in the "comments" section of the MP3's ID3 tag.
  • For some reason, the artist and date for this song were listed as "Stallion" and 1970, respectively. This type of occurrence, however, is not unheard of with the Giants--at least two tmbg.com Free Tunes have had "Sucker" listed as the song title and Dan Miller listed as the artist, and one of the live show samples on theymightbegiants.com was also called "Sucker." "Sucker" is a song by Dan Miller's old band, Lincoln.

Song Themes

I Am, Misanthropy


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