Helene Silverman

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Helene Silverman is a designer and music video director. She directed the music video for "Purple Toupee" and did the cover art for the Don't Let's Start LP and Birdhouse In Your Soul. She is also listed as a design consultant in the credits for Flood. Silverman's website features some other photographs from the Don't Let's Start sessions. These photos of her television, taken in 1988 as it was "dying", demonstrate the unusual, vibrant colors it displayed — as seen in the Don't Let's Start cover art.

In the 1980s, Silverman formed a design co-op called Hello Studio (though it is unrelated to the Hello CD of the Month Club). Her husband is cartoonist Gary Panter, who has worked with The Residents, an experimental band which had a strong influence on They Might Be Giants.

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