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Who the F**k is Brian Doherty?

Brian Doherty (present day)
Not to be confused with Brian Dewan or Mike Doughty

Brian Doherty was TMBG's second live drummer (following Jonathan Feinberg) and their first studio drummer. He played on Why Does The Sun Shine?, Back To Skull, John Henry, Factory Showroom, and Severe Tire Damage. Doherty also appeared on John Linnell's State Songs.

When asked about leaving TMBG, Doherty has stated:

People ask me why I left They Might Be Giants. The short answer is that I was not a full partner in the business and I felt that I had gone as far as I could as an employee. More than playing music, I enjoyed Flans and Linnell as people. They are both funny as shit and incredibly interesting. It was my pleasure to work with them.

Brian worked on a biography titled Memoirs of a Rock Drummer[1]. The book was expected to include a behind-the-scenes look at his years with TMBG. In October of 2011, Doherty issued a press release marking the release of the 40th album on which he has played drums.

As of 2012[2], he is a music teacher at C.S. 66[3] in the South Bronx.

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