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Globe.png This user lives in
Edinburgh, Scotland.

This user is 18 years old.

FAN This user became a TMBG fan in 2004.

FAV This user's favorite TMBG song is Rhythm Section Want Ad.

JohnHenry.png This user's favorite album is John Henry.
Drums 45.gif This user plays drums.

Well, this is my actual page. Cool, hmm? No... you're right, not really. I'm new to TMBG, relatively. I mean, I only found out about them last year! Then I raked through my attic, and found an old 1994 airline magazine that actually advertised on of their albums. I wasn't a music follower as such until I discovered TMBG. I promise to put up a more interesting user page at some point.

Speak to me on MSN!


I currently own 0 TMBG albums. Curse the weak UK import... =(

Other bands of preference:

  • The Shins
  • The Decemberists
  • The Bloodhound Gang
  • Nirvana
  • New Pornographers
  • Steriogram
  • Streetlight Manifesto
  • Guns & Roses

I'm always looking into new music, currently Post-Punk.


Deciphering TMBG
Here's an article, I called Deciphering TMBG. It sucks, it's my first bit of writing about TMBG, and I will never do it again if requested. Updated! Because I like to feed my ego.
Adding instrument listings to all the songs =)