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Hello all. I'm Alex, but here on this wonderful Wiki I've finally realized my dream of being an Octofish. (It's the thing that I would like to be.) I am pleased to know all of you. I will continue to add more information here as I think of it, as if more than one person in a thousand could possibly give a crap.

I was introduced to They Might Be Giants in January of 2002, when I started dating a girl named Anna. "Here," she told me one day, proffering her copy of Apollo 18, "you'll like this." Naturally I did -- the song I Palindrome I in particular blew my mind. It was only much later that I realized I'd been introduced to that song by a girl whose name itself was a palindrome. That pretty much cemented it. Let's hear it for chicks who dig TMBG!

July 24, 2004: Uh, so this is weird. For some reason my computer won't load the "Editing: Rhymes" page, so I can't post what I want to say about the song Blind. I'll try again later, but if a few days go by and it still doesn't work, could some kind soul possibly post this on the Rhymes page in my stead? I owe whoever does this a Wiki-favor, of course.

Under "Unexpected Lack of Rhymes": Blind - "Stagger away from the wreck on the freeway/Shouldn't be driving but that's just my way." While this is technically a rhyme, one would expect to find "highway" in the place of "freeway," since it is traditionally coupled with "my way" (as in "my way or the highway," etc.).

Thanks in advance! Though hopefully it won't be necessary. Knock on wood (they built this whole neighborhood out of it).

Took care of that for ya! - Stiddy