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Okay, this poem is called "Dizzy TMBG," and it's very very long. The biggest chunk of the poem is a big huge imaginary song title taken from lines from many many different TMBG songs, a State Song, and the phrase Brooklyn's Ambassadors Of Love. My favorite part of the poem is the part that contains lines from Fingertips, Youth Culture Killed My Dog, Don't Let's Start, 32 Footsteps, I've Got A Fang, and I've Got A Match. --My Evil Twin's Twin

Dizzy TMBG[edit]


Once upon a time
They Might Be Giants
And the Band Of Dans
Fell into a giant electric salad-tosser

When they
Got out
They were
So dizzy
That now
They're all
Mixed up

They began singing a song called
"Token back to
Brooklyn's ambassadors of
Love sees love's
Happiness bled from every street
Corner when the coast is
Clearing my throat and gripping the lectern I
Smile 'cause I'm funny, said the
Particle Man, it's so loud in
Here and I know you're there where the world's address
I wonder when they're gonna clean up the mess, you know the Rabid Child is still tuning in
Chess Piece Face I don't know where he
Lives beneath the ocean and that's
Where your eyes don't go a filthy scarecrow waves its
Broom you must now sweep for me, the dust it fills my
Room and in the room there's a chair and in the chair is
You drive me nervous, elected, generation landslide, under my
Wheels are square not round, we eat
Chocolate coins, the only thing we
Have no fear have no fear, you will be
Killed me and it turned me to the
Sky all painted up, your train is
Gone Constantinople, why did Constantinople get the
Working on graphic design
The Chopping Block, you might not know it but over
50 states, the songs of the 50 states, the
Time you call my name I hear the
Angel does it mean you have to
Throw up our hands at the unsolved
Mystery that mister made him
Sad cold fact: our love's never coming
Back in just five minutes, reads the sign
Above, every tree a finger of my glove, and every time push
Come on baby
Turn it up turn it down turn it up when the cold brings you down, when the heat bothers you turn it
Down down down, down down down, down down down,
Down at the shore there's a place where there's no
One quarter of George Washington's head, half of George Washington's
Head down close my eyes and snore, and so to bed directly
I don't want a pizza I don't want a piece of peanut brittle
I saw my baby wearing
Santa Claus, I've been waiting all so
Long-haired hippie kitten, I'm on a
Secret boy, fuhgeddaboudit, cause
She wants to see you again, she wants to see you again slowly twisting
Twisting time, with every move you make you just disintegrate my ever-
Troubles began, I don't understand you I don't understand you I just don't understand you
I don't understand what you did to my
Dog dog a ding dang depadepa deputy dog dog a
Ding dang dingalong day, fing
Fang I've got a fang I've got a
Match your embrace and
My spine, I would have a lot of eyes on me by this
Time, children will work
Together they roam across the country and they're
Walking alone on the streets of Boston, a man with a name that
Everybody wants a rock to wind a
Piece of
Dirt bike, 'cause
I palindrome
I should be allowed to share my feelings, I should be allowed to
Feel inside, and the fuse is spelling out these
Words are like a middle class, a
Drink! drink! to no big surprise, but what words
Rhyme with the word "overseas," overseas there's this guy
Who is it like? Doesn't it strike you as the
Buried beneath is a submarine cable connecting the opposite shores that
Surrounding the mind of a self called Nowhere, it's a thing named
It was the only living creature there, I'm
All alone, you said it's snowing,
It snows, I wonder
Why I'm, why I'm in this room there is no
Point on it, say I'm the only bee in your bonnet, make a little birdhouse in your
Soul, indestructible, indefensible, reprehensible, ten
Thousand years old, one thousand years old, sure you'd
Think, "that's what you think," "that's what they all say," before I
Blow, and it makes the pages of the calendar go flying out the
Window, I'm checking out the people in the
Window so they could be the first to meet James Ensor, Belgium's
Famous person wears the same size water skis as me, she's got
Three nominees for the presidential candidate were Martin Van Buren, a former
President, and I asked ol' what's-his-
Names are called they raise a paw the bat the
Cat's pajamas? In the can, the big trash
Can, stare into the subliminal for as long as you
Can see right through the ground, if you want to be a spy, then you must really see, then you must really see if you want to be a spy
Like Flansy in a soda can it's trooky-trooky-trooky awwwwwwww
Yes the tiny light shines twice as bright on the
Only name, Evil, in his mind there is
No word in English for
My hair and practicing my stare, paid to
Fake out fake
In love again? Why are we marching hand in
Hand inside the puppet head, put your hand inside the puppet head, put your hand
Inside me I can feel it coming back, Purple Toupee will
Show you what I know and you can tell me if you think
I'm gettin' sentimental over
You can't really hide
Once with a girl I fell in love sometime ago
Now that I have
Everything right Is wrong again just like in the
Long long rope they use to hang you soon I
Hopeless bleak despair, it was always there and then one day it
Disappears, if there's anymore people
Around, turn around, there's a thing there that can be
Found that the sun is a huge atom-smashing
Machine, because they're not saying anything, they're
Just turned out that way, I wish I'd gotten to know her before
I was trying to get somewhere
But tomorrow everything could change, you could turn into an octoflange,
Though everybody says they should be friends they're too tired to
See that groovy thing, everyone wants to see that
Thing that I know how do well and I've often been told that you only can do what you
Know he looks like me hates work like me and walks like me, he's even got a twin like
Me, but when the phone inside her ribcage rings it's not for me
Hey, who's that playing, hey, the guitar? Is it Jim? I don't know, Is it Jim? I
Don't want to be known as the freak who
Just a full day's drive away, it's just a full day's drive
Away her baby doll, I held on to my pride but I was young and foolish then,
I had the chance to meet a real live supertaster named
John I've been bad and they're coming after me, done
Someone keeps moving my
Chair, but he doesn't get nervous, she's not really there, he wants a
Shoelaces tied up
Together 'cause we're number
Eighty-five has been a very good year for
They Might Be Giants boy
They Might Be Giants got lost driving
Around ever anymore and I'll be up there on the
Wall of trombones, if you dig Menudo or MDC we salute you the way we
Know monkey see, but the monkey's
Dead guy, swear I saw his
Mouth in the shape of the letter
Oh, I think I know that one, great
Great distances to the
Sounds of groovy hi-fi, I say yeah
Yeah, I never went to the tropical
Island was his home then the phone rang
Off my hearing aid, don't
Say women and men, women and
Men often tremble as they
Step away from the car, this car is
Protective rubber skin but every little thing's a domino that
Fall? The ocean has the fishes, London has a
Tower a light
Burns rubber and he peels out, he's a wicked
Little girl she will get away, ride her bike down Toddler Hiway, take
Your racist friend
I got no one to blame but my fat self
I got hit by a mink car, hit by
A rock'n'roll band, we're having a
Good income, oh, I'm doing alright, I could do better, but, oh
I need to know because you see I want to thank you for putting me
Back your best ideas, you cover your
Window shade, they called
The things we cherish are small indeed, so much larger the
Need my whole head, now I'm just the top of a
Head for a change, give me some skin to call my
Own worst enemy peeks
Inside your mind, look inside your
Eyes, too late to apologize as
Flood, we couldn't stop them so we all
Became friends with Ruy Lopez, the author
Of the Pencil
Rain falls down without my help I'm
Afraid of me and I taught you
How can I sing like a
Girl would be coming very soon for though everything had
Changed from a new wave fan to
Another first kiss, she said, how 'bout another first
Kiss me, son of
God's sister Jessica"

--My Evil Twin's Twin