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My own very very very cruddy TMBG content is at (check page two for the nearly focused pics). The pics are not linking friendly at the moment. But I don't think that would be a problem.

Check out my non-TMBG captioning page at


Thanks for the edits. Especially the detailed page on NYC. -SR
You're welcome. Glad to help out, the site is shaping up very nicely. - GK
GK - do you have a copy of the daily show theme song by tmbg in mp3 format? - Duke33
Afraid not. I'm also not even 100% sure if it's the opening or closing theme, or both. It's one of those 'if I didn't know it was them, I wouldn't have guessed just by hearing it' things - - GK
Uh hey, sorry to butt in, but all themes, and all incidental music, on The Daily Show are by TMBG. They completely redid the whole score for the show in early 2000. - Jolene

28 FEB 2004: Paradox has the Daily Show mp3 for download at --Flux