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this city's got big buildings i like food bye.


Thanks so much for your contributions! I think our wiki can take some advantage of fair-use of other material, but I wonder: are your bios on the Johns original to this site? --SR
02-mar-2003:You're welcome! My pleasure. :) I did write the Johns' bios myself, with some help from my friend on one of them. The only stolen information is within quotations. -- Jolene
Excellent work! Please keep it coming. --SR
hehe, Jim Gaffigan rocks
He DOES!! Too bad CBS cancelled his show. CBS sucks anyways. -- Jolene

Jolene, on the NYC live album, there is a track, Cepastat Spot. Having not heard this, i don't know whether it's something we should link up from the main song list. Is this a real "song"? -- duke33
No, actually, it's not even TMBG, it's just a canned announcer saying the show was brought to you by Cepastat. I have no idea why it made the CD. -- Jolene