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About ME[edit]

Hi, I am a TMBG fan from the great state of Minnesota. I have been a TMBG fan for 7 years (out of my 18), though I have been enjoying their music long before then, and I enjoy interpreting songs, and occasionally attempting to sing (it usually doesn't work very well) or play the guitar tab (sometimes ending up even worse).

Update: wow, I started this account when I was like 13 years old, and now I'm 18 and in college. Still listen to a lot of TMBG, and I've got a college radio show where I sometimes play their music. Absolutely wild to think that the son of a TMBG fan would still be playing their music on the radio 30 years later.

My Favorite Songs[edit]

Hmmmm... I would have to pick a few. My favorite from the '80s is Ana Ng, my favorite from the early '90s is Istanbul (Not Constantinople), my favorite from the late '90s is The Bells Are Ringing, my favorite from the '00s is Careful What You Pack and my favorite from the '10s is Spoiler Alert.

Currently I am attempting to memorize (read: obsessing over) the latest Dial-a-Song songs, particularly Daylight and I'll Be Haunting You

What I am Looking Forward To[edit]

Currently jamming to Phone Power, but sadly Minneapolis is not on the tour map this spring.

Update: despite this being a year later, They still haven't had a show in Minnesota since 2015. Crossing my fingers and hoping that They'll announce a tour soon or put on a show in Brooklyn while I'm visiting New York in the spring.

Update 2: I got tickets for the show that was gonna happen at First Ave in May 2020, but obviously that didn't happen. Hopefully, the postponed show will happen while I'm back home from college.