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About Me[edit]

  • My username was created back when people made ligma memes and Apollo 18 was the album I was listening to at the time, so I made "Digma" which means "Dig My Grave"
  • If you somehow need to refer to me, call me Donut or DonutEater, as that is the username I have settled on for almost everything at this point
  • I make all sorts of art, from small tunes that nobody will ever hear to drawings and comics to poetry

How I Discovered TMBG (twice)[edit]

I discovered TMBG at least twice. First time was in 2nd grade, my teacher let me borrow her mp3 player so I could calm down for when I got anxiety attacks of sorts, and one of those songs was Science Is Real and I shortly forgot about them. The second time was from my dad, who somehow discovered TMBG in '88 (he only had the pink album at first, not Lincoln), this is weird since he lived all the way in northern California, and not even one of the big cities. I was learning about Istanbul from educational videos from TedEd, and my dad played their most famous song, Istanbul (Not Constantinople), and not shortly after we listened to flood. We then started listening to songs from all pre-John Henry albums, and made a playlist. I later listened to their stuff on my own outside of their first few albums.