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It is my belief that Flansburgh is considerably underappreciated. He is still awesome, even though he doesn't play accordion like I do. Oh, and, um, Linnell, of course.

No no, seriously. While I'm not saying Flans is consider to be untalented, I do think that he can, if act, be overshadowed by the 10 instrument playing Linnell. And of course, Linnell's accordion wouldn't be *nearly* so effective if it wern't for Flans's writing and guitar.

Mission Accomplished[edit]

Stop the presses, I've met the Johns! I also got my Don't Let's Start single from the late 80's (*tape*, not CD ) signed. (Lucky find in a thift shop) I can die happy now. And yes, they were really awesome and nice, for those that haven't met them. Still haven't seen them in concert, though.

Questions and Answers[edit]

My question: Does anybody know who provides the "I don't want the world..." vocal from Ana Ng? The answer: Dunno if you noticed, but somebody remembered. It was Lisa Klapp.

Next question: TDK? What's radio TMBG? I think I missed out on that.

Slightly off topic: Was Talking Heads's music mostly deadpan humor, or is it just *that* inaccessible? (Off topic, yes, but see below)

Does anybody else find the accordion in the "I don't want the world..." bit to be intensely affecting? I sincerely find it conveys pretty much the whole mood of the song in a few short bars.

For a few other questions, (ones that you might actually have the answers to), check out the Fantasy Interview

TMBG Stuff I'm working on[edit]


Currently I'm working on a paper comparing Talking Heads's and TMBG's art and ashetic. With citations, no less. Thinking about writing on TMBG's artistic vision, which I don't fully understand. Maybe someone can help me.

Also, I formatted No one knows my plan into a dramatic monologue for a theatre class. Haven't actually performed it yet, as I was told, indeed accuarately, that it's hard to play as such since it was written as a song, not a monologue (I.E. You can't *show* the limits of the prison cell indirectly, it's mentioned in the lyrics, and to remove it would spoil the adaptation. But that takes something out of the subtlety of it)

It was also compared to Shakespeare, which made me happy. Also turns out I have a totally differrent interp ofthe song then anyone else. It is one of my favorites.

The grand list of TMBG/State songs/Monopuff key signatures[edit]

This started as a way to test my growing music skills, but as of late has been turning into a obsession. Hopefully I'll be able to puzzle out the signature for all of the major releases and b-sides. So, here goes:

~ = Unsure as to key, if you can confirm or disprove it, please say something.
^ = Stolen from hearsay, gossip. Not fully certain.
A - Particle Man, Subliminal. B - How can I sing like a girl, Prevenge.
C - James K Polk, Particle man (in concert), Till my head falls off.~
D - Museum of idiots (studio)^
E - She's an angel.
F - Welcome to the jungle, Destination moon, Number 3, No one knows my plan, Museum of idiots (live, before the spine).
F# - On the drag^, Dr. Worm.
G - Unsupervised, I hit my head, Backstabbing liar, Snowball in hell~, Don't lets start~, Purple toupee~, Twisting
Bb/A# Michigan~

In between
South Carolina is in G mixolydian. Metal Detector modulates between G and Db minor.

Istanbul (Not Constantnople) - F
E - Ana Ng^~ E natural minor