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Hey there everyone. I actually can't make the claim of having a favorite band, I like too many. But as far as alternative type music goes They Might Be Giants is the best. I mainly created an account to put in my votes for some songs, but I'll also be able to contribute some guitar tabs and interpretations and stuff.

I attempted to make a top ten of my They Might Be Giants favorites. I failed miserably and expanded it to 20. Only problem was I had 21 songs at that point so I just went to top 25. The songs aren't ranked in the order of greatness, because I could never achieve that. But either way here they are IN NO ORDER!

The Cap'm, A Self Called Nowhere, Rythm Section Want Ad, Birdhouse In Your Soul, Boss of Me, Museum of Idiots, Istanbul (Not Constantinople), Doctor Worm, Mink Car, We Want a Rock, Thunderbird, They'll Need a Crane, Am I Awake?, Don't Let's Start, Withered Hope, Metal Detector, Till My Head Falls Off, Stomp Box, The Shadow Government, AKA Driver, I'm Your Boyfriend Now, Fibber Island, Man It's So Loud in Here, Kiss Me Son of God, and Experimental Film