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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Reynoldbot Writes:

This is a review of the downloadable audio offered on the site. When I am considering shows to download, I consider three things: Venue/show's personal relationship (I went to the show, I live near the venue, it's my favorite venue etc.), set list (good songs, rare occurances etc.), and recording quality (clipping, distortion, live feel, fullness etc.). Dan Miller, in his recap, usually mentions the quality of the recording briefly. Those are what this review focuses on.

The audio quality of this one is outstanding. Dan Miller wasn't kidding when he said that this is like a live album rather than a live show download. The mix is great and the audio is both full and clear. The audience to band mix is great, and the music is not too clinical. There is virtually no clipping or distortion (a problem that plagues their early show downloads). The recording quality is reason enough to get this show.

The set list for this show is pretty standard. The band has a good energy despite some problems during the show (mainly Linnell getting electrocuted during "Stalk of Wheat") and the prison-like atmosphere of the venue. The raps are funny as always and I enjoy listening to this one time and time again.

So, this one is a definite must. Buy this show and listen to it over and over.

P.S. I'm hoping that some people will post their own reviews of the show downloads, as I do not have the money to buy all of them. wink wink wink wink wink.

  • Something blows up during Stalk Of Wheat, and the song is aborted. Whatever blew up is fixed, and the song is replayed.
  • On The Download of the show, Fake-Believe and Alphabet Of Nations are not tracked, instead they follow the songs before them in the same file.

Dan Miller wrote:

I have a lot to say about this gig, so I've added a full song sample to play while you read this. This show was special for a few reasons. First off, the linear notes were done by Arizona graphic artist Mike Buffington - nice job Mike and thanks.
Second off - Brian and I wanted to experiment with a more multi track approach to the live recording. We ended up taking a bunch of instruments separately and spent the entire next day mixing it down. The result is, I think, the best sounding mix of all the live shows yet. What your getting here is essentially a live album. The performances are great and there are no edits on this one. The only caveat is that Brian (our FOH engineer and partner in getting these shows for download) insists on letting it be known that there was a trifle bit of technical trouble during experimental film. I can't hear what he's talking about - but there you have it.
I'm subtitling this show "TMBG Live at Folsom Prison." While the club is a fine establishment, they felt the need to separate the drinkers from the 'soon to be' drinkers with massive amounts of metal fencing. Throughout the show the Johns refer to the 'criminal' aspect of the segregation created by the fence. The result felt like a gig in a maximum security rock club, completely surrounded by fans corralled into their various felony convictions, with a special fenced in area for visiting relatives. All that aside, a great crowd and a great, solid showing by the boys in TMBG.
Nice long set with a selection of songs, plus a few special surprises hidden among the tracks. No clues, but a hint of things to come.