This Might Be A Wiki:New Server (3-20-2009) Migration Issue Tracker Page

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Use this page to track issues with our move to a new server on 3/20/2009.

What Has Changed[edit]

Date: 3/20/2009
Prior Upgrade: New Server (4-24-2008) Migration Issue Tracker Page
Next Upgrade: MediaWiki 1.14 Migration Issue Tracker Page
Summary of Changes:

Item Old Version New Version Notes
Hosting Fellowsites VPSLink

Open Issues[edit]

Emails Flagged as Spam[edit]

Show invites and emails from TMBW are getting flagged as spam. (Can fix this in cpanel)

Fixed Issues[edit]


  • ImageMagick is installed.


  • Re-set all cronjobs.
  • It's fixed. Just had to chmod 4755 /usr/bin/crontab

Internal IP Checks[edit]

  • Update internal scripts that rely on IP address
  • BW - this is fixed. It only affected the show alert generation.


  • is not working. Need to update the DNS settings.
  • BW - I updated the server's DNS settings, and we got it right. Should be working now!
  • The "click here to add yourself as attending this show" doesn't go to the right page. However, it worked when the www is taken out of the URL it re-directs to.
  • BW - this is fixed. I updated the scripts.


Cannot upload files via the URL. It throws this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /home/tmbwnet/public_html/wiki/includes/SpecialUpload.php on line 181 (I think that perhaps curl is not installed. If that is the case, then TMBAB is probably not working either).

BW - Fixed this by running /scripts/easyapache, and installing CURL.


statusBar.php is not working. When you try to access it throws this error: Call to undefined function imagecreate() in <b>/home/tmbwnet/public_html/images/statusBar.php on line 6

More info -
BW - Fixed this by running /scripts/easyapache, and installing the GD2 library.