The Turtlenecks (EP)

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The Turtlenecks  cover
The Turtlenecks
by The Turtlenecks
First released December 30, 2015 Tracks 6
Label Uranium Daughters (Via Bandcamp) Length 12:29
The EP's original cover on Bandcamp, before being replaced with the current beach photo.

The Turtlenecks is the only known release by The Turtlenecks, a band fronted by John Flansburgh and his then-girlfriend Julie Kantner, before the formation of They Might Be Giants.

The EP was posted on Bandcamp in 2015 by Julie Kantner, who notes that the songs were recorded in 1981 in their dorm room at Antioch College.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Julie's Tune 1:21


2 It's Cold Outside 2:15


3 In A World Without Food 2:17


4 Where Are All The People In The World? 2:23


5 I Slept With This Thing All The Way Back From Baltimore 2:24


6 Indiana Wants Me
hidden track


7 Spin Art
hidden track




  • "Indiana Wants Me" and "Spin Art" are included in the Bandcamp download, though they're hidden from the tracklist on the store page. While the former was originally listed on the store page, "Spin Art" was quietly added to the download a few years after the EP went up.
  • One other Turtlenecks song not included on this EP, "Mr. And Mrs. Enormous," was uploaded to Kantner's Soundcloud in 2021 but removed soon after.