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The Apollo 18 version sucks the energy from the definitive demo. This was perhaps the first sign that the Giants were running out of puff. The excellent first half of the album (the appalling Guitar being the exception) gives way to tired rehashes, such as this, and clunky fillers. (Mr Tuck) 10:40, 17 July 2004 (moved from Interpretation page)

So how, exactly, does editorializing on the subject of this song and how it "proves" TMBG were running out of steam have anything to do with actually interpreting the song's lyrics? - TheNintenGenius
Besides, I think that this version is actually an improvement. The loud, constant beats and cymbal clashes in the original were distracting, whereas this version seems more melodic. Also, there's nothing wrong with groups taking their own songs and doing remixes of them in a different fashion; it's fair game. And your comment doesn't really belong in the Interpretations anyway. -Guest

I have to disagree with Tuck's comments in the Interpretations section. When listening to this album I prefer the second half to the first half. And, while I hated the Guitar at first when I bought this album 13 years ago, over the years I have found a new appreciation of the song, and not just from seeing it performed live. --The Great Puma - 16:57, 25 Aug 2005 (EDT)