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I fell in love with TMBG during camp at Camp Kern the summer of 1989. A fellow camper had the Lincoln album on cassette. We about wore out the album playing it all week. When I got home I bought it immediately and followed shortly thereafter by buying their first album. After that I bought each album as it came out through Factory Showroom. Then for a while I stopped following. A couple years ago I decided to check out their latest stuff. I ended up buying up all the albums I'd missed since Factory Showroom.

Couple of notes about my favorite song & album. While the debut album is my favorite I don't think it's their best. For best album I'd have to go with Flood. That album is a great starter album, as well as one that never seems to get old.

Picking a favorite song is always difficult. I went with "I Hope that I Get Old.." because it's got a great tune, funny lyrics, and a bunch of crazy sounds all rolled up into one song. I think it epitomizes what TMBG is about.