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Best Suited for just the Kids Shows? (Mr Tuck)

I, for one, love the Avatars and think they're adorable. I think they work best in the "adult" rock show setting. ~ veggieman 03:35, 7 February 2015 (EST)

I think if I lived in the states I could be more forgiving as I'd see the band more. Living in the Uk I see them every two to three years and I'm always impatient to hear as many songs as possible. The Avatars skit is heavy on humour and low on songs. I enjoyed them (to a point) early on. I guess they got on my nerves all the more because of a weak playlist.

So the lengthy He's Loco was hardwork, but we also got the desperately weak Planet of the Apes thing. Where Flans showmanship grates. So a lot of time gone on that. What made it worst was that we had The Guitar (the first Giants song I really disliked) Tesla (the MOR plodder); Black Ops (Laughable serious political attempt); Circular Karate Chop (a classic example of Flans trying to write young); Call your Mom (Linell trying to sound like Wings); When Will you Die and then Crazy Train and Paranoid where the band "rocked out". And that's my lot until 2015/2016. It was Shepherd's Bush Empire btw. (Mr Tuck)

I appreciate the Avatars because they always have some material with which I was previously unfamiliar, which for me is a welcome break from the long list of obligatory standards I've already heard a million times (NYC, Birdhouse, etc.). I went through a phase where I was annoyed at how repetitive TMBG shows are in general but most bands have that issue (or at least the ones I like) and eventually I realized I'm just not a giant fan of rock shows, but I still want to see TMBG no matter what they play, so that makes me less critical of them these days. You mostly seem to be complaining about other stuff I've been happy to see because at least it wasn't NYC (not to mention how I really like some of those songs) but I'm sorry to hear you were so disappointed in their new songs. -- Sonderling (talk) 10:22, 7 February 2015 (EST)

To be fair, Flans has discussed trying to satisfy the front row fans like us and then the more casual fan. In the States you get themed Giants shows, but in the UK you get one or two gigs and that is your lot. I felt last time we copped a particularly poor set list. Mostly I've really enjoyed it. I always go (I've seen them twice in the States too - Washington and New York). (Mr Tuck)

I mean, I live on the west coast so, unless I want to drive more than five hours, I'm limited to a show in Portland every few years or so and they've never been themed like many others on, for example, the east coast have been. But I'm still happy with what I've gotten; I like to hear the new songs ("Icky" in particular was much better live than recorded), I love the Battle for the Planet of the Apes, and I like hearing old favourites too. I guess that all boils down to that I like more of the Giants' more recent material than you do and that I don't go to a show just looking for a band to play their songs and that's it; I go to hear their personalities and have fun. ~ veggieman 14:09, 7 February 2015 (EST)
It always annoys me when Mr Tuck complains about TMBG rarely going to the UK. Why? Because of the fact that at least they go to the UK. I live near Portland Maine, meaning that's pretty much the only place I could go to see them. How many shows in Portland have they done since I've become a fan? Just one. Was I able to go to it? No. Side note: I don't plan on making too many negative contributions like this to the wiki. I just felt like I needed to say something since whenever I go to a page talking about something done at live shows (Avatars, Apes, etc...), I'll usually see Tuck complaining that he wants them to get straight to the songs. How dare they have a bit of fun on stage? - Bouncer15111