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How long has this page been around, and who created it? It seems like it's only now gaining momentum. -- DidgeGuy (आ ज) 22:06, 29 April 2010


could we possibly redesign this page so it is more user/editor friendly? in a paper rhyming dictionary it sorts by sound, i.e. -or, -ee, etc. thoughts? --veggieman 23:51, 6 November 2010 (UTC)

I think the idea is that tmbg rhymes individual words with other individual words, that sort of format wouldn't be very "milk/killed" friendly by most standards, unless the setup was awkward. It could work, hypothetically, but it wouldn't be very different. Besides, you can just use "ctrl+F" for particular endings. I was thinking it might be nice to have alphabetical headings, though, just for the purpose of convenience. -Apollo (Phoebus!) 23:57, 6 November 2010 (UTC)