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The people dancing are clearly the johns, but who are they in the beginning when the one is playing guitar. The person qearing the Q head is playing guitar right handed and is wearing something different from the person who is in the Q head the rest of the movie. I'm thinking Dan Miller?

Actually, it's not John & John at all, and they just switched heads in the first shot. For most of it, its Chris Anderson as Q and A.D. Miles as U. For whatever reason, they're switched in the opening shot.

Is it just me or does the tune of this song sound a lot like S-E-X-X-Y? ~AgentChronon

So they weren't the Johns at all? We had theories that they might have not of been,... But one of them (I think U) danced just like Linnell.. well.. at least now I can sleep easier Jade

Isnt it very very very very very obvious that Q (U in the beginning) is Danny. I mean come on, hes playing bass, has the same hands, has a stylish ring on, AND hes the only one who wears these pants like that. As for U, I would strongly guess its Marty Bellar, because Linnel doesnt really wear standard blue jeans with that kind of color/wash, but It COULD be. Imboss5