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On July 25, 2004, when TMBG came to Mr. Small's Theatre, they opened with a song named after the venue in which they were preforming. I don't remember the deatails, but I do remember it was very, very cool.

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Does anyone have any idea what the electric banana could be? --Checkers Piece Face

Isn't The Electric Banana where the director of "This Is Spinal Tap" first saw Spinal Tap play? Also, I believe it is one of TMBG's stops on their 2040 world tour. -User:Tisher

As a Pittsburgh native, I know that the Electric Banana is a club that used to exist there in the late 70s/early-mid 80s. TMBG probably played there when they first played Pittsburgh. I believe that there was also an "Electric Banana" club referenced in Spinal Tap, but this was not meant to be the reference. - FrankEinstein
When TMBG played in St. Louis in the Spring of 2005, they did a selection of their venue songs. In his to "Mr. Smalls" Flans said that the band was still "haunted" by memories of a show played in Pittsburgh in front of 23 people at a now-defunct rock club called the Electric Banana.

inconsistent nomenclature[edit]

I was just looking at Shows/2005-05-26 and I suddenly wonder why all the other venue songs are now known by their city names instead of the venue name except Mr Small's Theatre, which remains Mr Small's Theatre rather than having become Pittsburgh. Yes, I am picky. — aliste

I've moved the "Mr. Small's Theatre" page to "Pittsburgh", and updated the show link. --Duke33 14:11, 7 Jun 2005 (EDT)
Ah, thanks. Now I can sleep again at night. :) — aliste

Thank God![edit]

Apparently, this place now has air conditioning... thank goodness. You can tell by TMBG's bitching on the live recording that it was HOT in there. I was actually worried about Flansburgh, he looked like he was suffering up there. AlmostJinkies