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I'd just like to point out that the band Radiohead (you may have heard of them) did an idea very similar to this one, where they reversed an unreleased song, put it on one of their albums, and then released the forward version later. The Radiohead songs in question are Like Spinning Plates (backwards version) and I Will (forwards version). And no offense to John and John, but Radiohead did it considerably better, with Like Spinning Plates being undoubtedly better than its forward counterpart (and probably in my top ten songs of all time). On Earth My Nina predates Like Spinning Plates by two years, but the ideas were probably conceived separately.

Playing It Backwards[edit]

I don't have The Spine, and therefore do not have Thunderbird. I did however reverse this, and it's a bit different from Thunderbird, but you can tell it is Thunderbird, because when Thunderbird is sang (backwards) it sounds exactly like the word Thunderbird. --Dunklekuh81

A Video Demonstration[edit]

If you'd like to hear On Earth My Nina played backwards and compared to Thunderbird, you can view a video demonstration on YouTube here.