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One of my favorite songs off of John Henry. If I had to pick one song to see live, it'd be this one. It just sounds like a tremendously fun song. Perspixx 07:07, 9 October 2007 (UTC)

It is! I remember seeing them in Philly in 98 and the conga line extended all around the club. Flans even pointed at me directly and ordered me to get in the line (as "you there in the glasses, don't act like you don't know me"). Definitely better with the horn section than without, though --Oddjob 15:19, 9 October 2007 (UTC)
Would have been cool to see with the horns on the recent tour through California, but I guess they had a limited amount of time to train the West Coast horn guys. Perspixx 16:11, 9 October 2007 (UTC)
Also one of my all time favourite song by the Giants. It was also the first song I heard by them and made me interested in TMBG. Shuda7 16:36, 26 May 2011

As if this song needed more reason to be THE MOST WIN THING EVER[edit]

...we have it to thank for the existence of two of the best things to ever happen, the first being the show where Flans got sick and Linnell had to do Everybody Conga himself ("you know how to conga, I can't really tell you" = YES. AND DEAD PEOPLE. OF COURSE THERE ARE DEAD PEOPLE INVOLVED.) and the second being the House of Blues TV appearance with THE SWEATILY CLINGY T-SHIRT. AND THE HAIRRRRRRRR. AND THE DANCING OMFG THE DANCING. See, someone needs to explain to John Linnell that it is considered acceptable to write INSANELY, UNREASONABLY BRILLIANT SONGS and not also associate them with things like all that, cos that's just uncalled for. HE IS APPARENTLY NOT AWARE OF THIS. --Self Called Nowhere 09:50, 20 September 2010 (UTC)


(first of all, sorry I'm not logged in, but this site keeps telling me it won't let me log in until I enable cookies, but I've already enabled them, so I guess they're the wrong flavour. anyway...)

I put together a little video for this song, using a movie studio simulation game called The Movies. It's probably nothing special, but unlike the bazillion other "fan vids" out there I actually spent a little time in post production trying to make the scenes somewhat line up with the lyrics. Also, it's very silly. Not fishing for comments or likes, I just hope a few folks enjoy it.