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How to confuse people[edit]

So whenever I meet someone from a State Songs state, I get all excited and tell them this amazing musician wrote a song about their state. And they usually kind of roll their eyes and think it's going to be stupid (like, a friend of mine figured "Maine" "must be about lobsters and shit"). And then I say, "Well, it's not exactly really about the" and then I explain the premise of this song to them as my example and they go "...WTF" and I am highly amused and say, "Well, yeh, he's kind of a strange guy...but it's a really good song!" --Self Called Nowhere 06:16, 26 February 2010 (UTC)

Yes! I love introducing other people to TMBG, even if they just scratch their heads and say "HUH?!" Besides, the chorus for this song has to be one of the best: "A LEEEEEEEG!" [~Anonymous]