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On the UK Jonathan Ross radio show in late June 2004 Flans said that he wanted to call this song "I'm down" but felt that the Beatles had got their first! Flans only song on the Spine that is not a genre song, and the only time that he punches at Linnell's weight on the album. (Mr Tuck)

(Um, dude, is that a fat joke? Or a skinny joke? At what weight do 140 pound men punch? There must be a better metaphor to use for these two men.)

The lyric "Nevermind the furthermore, the plea is self defense". Is a reference to the Monkees song "Zilch" from the album "Headquarters". The lyric is repeated on the album on the track "No Time". This is the second time in two consecutive releases Flansburgh has made a Monkees reference. (On Happy Doesn't Have to Have an Ending, he sends a valentine to Mr. Peter Tork.) -TV's Kyle

-It's also a line from "Oklahoma!". So it could be a reference to the play, a reference to the Monkees, or a reference to the Monkee's reference of the play. - JRSly

-Very possible. "Zilch" was a spoken "round" of odd lines that the Prefab Four heard that summer. I'm leaning toward Flans referencing the Monkees referencing Oklahoma. Besides the recent Monkees reference I already pointed out, the band has been playing "What Am I Doin' Hangin' Round" and "The Monkees Theme" live a lot lately.

Nitpick - listed in the Bad English category for "disinvited guest". An uninvited guest is one that is not invited at all. A disinvited guest is invited, but later the invitation is withdrawn. Maybe this category doesn't quite fit? - Kazen

I've got to agree. There's no reason to consider it "bad english". There shouldn't be a problem with removing the song from the category. - Stiddy

The "disinvited guest" here reminds me of the line "trying to go where it's been uninvited" from It's Not My Birthday. Both strike me as grammatical correct, but unusual. -Vovat