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I think of the novel "Heart of Darkness" every time I hear it. Aside from the Congo being father than "a thousand feet from Madagascar," it follows the basic idea of someone being flung into Africa, trying to make do and sort of progressing backwards in a dark setting. The song itself isn't dark, of course, just...gritty -- like the everyday life in the book. -- TheBlunderbuss

This song makes me happy in a very deep way I cannot fully explain, although I'm certain Mr. Linnell's "very prominent harmonies" have a good bit to do with that (his voice is made for those aaaaaaaaaaaaaaave's in the chorus). Much as I adore both Somebody's Body and Sally Boy Candy Bar this is EASILY my fav Flans song from Unlimited. --Self Called Nowhere 12:56, 18 September 2010 (UTC)

What a song this is. Bizarre lyrical journey. Thought of it today. Shocked to find it not a Giants original! Would love an official release. (Mr Tuck)