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why wasn't this released in the UK? Anyone know? (Mr Tuck)

there are a lot of mysteries regarding the release of tmbg material in europe, and while this is one of them, it's worth nothing that the two proper b-sides from palindrome were placed on the european guitar cd, so all anybody over there missed out on was larger than life, which itself was on the 12" releases. --ant 17:39, 13 November 2015 (EST)

They could have had a hit at the time with I palindrome I which was far stronger than the dire "The Guitar" the first song of theirs that I actively disliked. If the Giants had released better singles say We Want a Rock off Flood and maybe My Evil Twin off and Palindrome of Apollo 18 they could have had more hits in the UK. Istanbul and Statue and Guitar all poor choices. Shame. (Mr Tuck)