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My brother's second favourite Giants song![edit]

Growing up, my brother rather tolerated my devotion to the Giants and Indie Rock in general. As a confirmed Reggae fan he found little to like. This is a rare Giants song to flirt (gently) with that medium and he's a big fan - Snowball in Hell is the one he likes most. Mainly for the humour! Flans dislike of working for others is probably at his most cynical. I worked in a fast food joint in 1990 as a Saturday job, so I knew where he was coming from! The Hearing Aid, seems a riff off Morrissey, though musically there are no links, lyrically this is quite Smithsy. The guitar solo at the end works as it's carefully crafted and work of art in itself (thanks Arto), compare it to the Dadrock of the outdo that blotches the excellent Damn Good Times a decade or so later...(Mr Tuck)

Weird to think of this being someone's effective introduction to the band. It's just about as musically atypical of anything they've ever done, though like you said, it deals with one of Flans' favorite topics to revisit. --MisterMe (talk) 09:08, 20 July 2015 (EDT)