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21 jan 04 - While I agree that Kiss Me, Son Of God belongs in here, I always felt that this song was not necessarily ridiculing the demagogue, but the followers of that demagogue. Calling the guy the Son of God is rather like blindly following him, and they don't think that he's screwing them over. It's not necessarily praising the demagogue, but it definitely seems to ridicule the followers. - Kfarnstein

23 Jan 04 - Well OK. I always thought the target of KM,SoG was only the demagogue -- good word -- and not the faithful, mostly because John Linnell is by all accounts a pretty nice guy and wouldn't ridicule Nebraska housewives or whatever, only hypocritical money-grubbers like Oral Roberts. Both Johns have written other songs dealing with unwarranted and cultlike devotion -- Dirt Bike, The Bells Are Ringing, and Spiraling Shape come to mind -- and they mostly refrain from criticizing the followers. (Except for that one oddly and rather unpleasantly self-righteous line in Spiraling Shape -- "Go ahead, wreck your life." But that's the exception, I think.) TMBG tend to be either just neutral observers or sympathetic to the plight of the little guy, so I guess I assumed KM,SoG stuck to that trend. But you make a good point. And anyway, we both agree the song should be on this page. Thank you for reading, though, and for thinking and writing. Sincerely, The Guy Who Started This Page

Well, I'm just sticking in my two cents and hoping they don't jam the machine like that time someone put gum on their quarter, twisted the handle halfway, let it harden, and basically ruined the Reese's Pieces machine (tis a shame, it was stuck for four weeks and I love those things, as well as anything involving peanut butter). Wow, that was off topic. But, um, yeah. I think KM, SoG is talking about the blind sheep-ishness of conformists and the fact that people tend to pursue whatever hurts them the most (it's true, you know it is), that is, if they can't figure out that it's bad for them. It's not making fun of Christians (heck, I'm a Christian, and I'm not offended by this song). And if you want to think about it theologically, refer to the book of Revelation. It has plenty of stuff on the Antichrist, which the singer could be viewed as (not John, the cult leader-esque guy). But let's not go down that road. I don't feel like getting into a debate with someone. And yes, this song belongs in the list. Aurora Hawthorne

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