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I noticed that on the liner notes for The Spine Surfs Alone, Jonny Cragg is credited as the lead singer for this song. Curious, no? I'm assuming that this is another pseudonym for Linnell, and not some stealth guest appearance by the drummer from Spacehog, but then again, I've never heard that guy sing. Or drum.

Upon listening to "Fun Assassin," the voice sounds like a hybrid between Linnell's and Flansburgh's voice - not in the computer-processed way, but in the DNA, "if Flans and Linnell had babies" way. I think it's neither Flans nor Linnell, but someone out there named Jonny Cragg. (Who may or may not be from Spacehog, I don't know.) - Rhinoceros Rex
It sounds like Flans.
It did sound like Flans the first time I heard the song, but the more I listened the less it did. And then I heard a recording of Flans singing it live and the vocal is not within his range at all, he completely sounded like shit, so that's probably why they brought in somebody else for the record. Also this guy Jonny Cragg has much better enunciation than Flans. I think the Cragg thing is for real. — aliste
Link. He's real.
I thought it was Flansy but I did think it sounded like a different voice. Then I looked at the credits for The Spine Surfs Alone (EP). So it is different. -- Buzzmusic100 ("Keep your voice down...")

Why Jonny Cragg?[edit]

Why doesn't Flans sing this song, given that Mr. Cragg sounds almost exactly like him??? Truly befuddling. -OldpineboxTalk 17:20, 17 September 2020 (EDT)