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I second CapitalQ's question--does anyone have a recording of this song? I'd love to hear it again! ~Drew

After some very light Googling I found that you can apparently view the commercial here. But they're asking you to pay "donate" five € to view it. So there's that (at least it says the run time). Also, I got a direct link to the Crystal Cave video right here for those that want it (or want to make a cleaner rip). --badqueso 23:11, 14 Jun 2006 (MDT)
Hey, cool, thanks for the info. :) And since you mentioned making clean rips, maybe you can help me--what program(s) do you use to rip the audio from videos? I don't have much experience with audio manipulation, but I do know how to rip the audio from Quicktime and mpeg videos using iTunes. I don't, however, know how to rip from other files like Windows media videos, etc. So any info you could give me--or any sites you could direct me to--would be much appreciated. ~Drew
Most people don't actually rip the audio from the file, they just play back the video and record the audio using the computer's Wave Out output and a program like Audacity. -CapitalQtalk ♪ 04:44, 15 Jun 2006 (MDT)
Cool, thanks for the info--especially the audacity link. I've been wondering this FOREVER, but no one I've asked has had any idea. Guess I was asking all the wrong people . . . ~Drew

Just an average, if catchy, toy commercial jingle.

Here it is: It's also twice as long as the song length listed on this page . . . Drew (talk) 04:37, 19 May 2014 (EDT)