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Nice Instrumental[edit]

A very nice song. I love all the instrumentals. So nice to hear the accordion! (Mr Tuck)

Reminds me quite a bit of "Siftin'." Neat little tune. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Adamspektor (talkcontribs) 21:01, August 18, 2015


As discussed on the TMBG fan group on Facebook, the way the saxophone notes are sequenced make me wonder if there were actually lyrics to this song at one point. You could insert the syllables "a-no-ther-weir-do" and it would fit pretty well. Speculation, of course, but perhaps Linnell just ran out of ideas for additional lyrics and brought in Stan to go nuts using his interpretation of the given song title. --MisterMe (talk) 09:55, 19 August 2015 (EDT)