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Was the countdown really a spontaneous Flansism? I thought that was just the declaration at the end of For Science. I was under the impression that the countdown at the end of 32 Footsteps formed as a result of both Johns' insanities (being as they both participate -- one shouting "NOOO! NOOOO! NOOOO!" and the other counting down), but I could be mistaken. -- Jolene

Yes, yes it was. It's in the "Then" booklet.

Also, even for a TMBG song, this would be a friggin' odd song to lose your virginity to.

The other weird thing about the guy losing his virginity to this song, is that it's not a very long song. Like, less than three minutes, so you have to wonder... -Olivia

I always assumed he and his g/f were trying to do it to Hide Away Folk Family but took a leeeeedle bit too long. Eclecticism in TMBG albums = passion killer! - SirDarrell

He probably ment he lost his TMBG virginity to this song, like this was the first song he heard. --BlarJotunn

doesn't it sound like raffi at the end? i sure think it does.

Does anyone think it's noteworthy that 1:36 is exactly 3*32 seconds? 14:52, 2 June 2007 (UTC)

This song went through my head ALL DAY when I turned 32.-- 11:04, 17 August 2008 (UTC)