THEY: Pay Tribute

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They Pay Tribute tribute album cover
They Pay Tribute
Tribute album by Various Artists
First released 2016 Tracks 27
Label AdamRiveraMusic via Kickstarter Length 1:13:36

THEY: Pay Tribute is an album being created to show our love of TMBG! All fans have their own stories of how they discovered TMBG, grew to appreciate their music, and became the devoted fan they are today. So we are collecting art that reflects that love in the form of music (parody, cover, or original songs), poetry, visual art, crafts, performance art, new media, or any form of expressing our endearment for TMBG! These works will be compiled and given directly to the backers of this project in the form of CDs, awesome perks, and pre-loaded USB drives! Besides just manufacturing the rewards, we also need to master & license the CD. This process of mastering is pretty expensive alone and is an essential step to making the audio to sound its absolute best!

Track listing[edit]

# Title Artist Length
1 Someone Keeps Moving My Chair Corn Mo 1:53
2 Am I Awake Bill Kates 4:32
3 Now is Strange Sigh Figh 1:52
4 Rest Awhile Sally 3:08
5 Trouble Awful Devil Evil Nuclear Bubble Wrap 4:02
6 Meet The Elements James K. Folk 3:06
7 Destination Moon Pearl & The Beard 2:12
8 Nightgown of the Sullen Moon Louis Rua-Aguilar 2:13
9 I've Got a Match Shapers 3:14
10 Unforgotten Nuclear Bubble Wrap 3:24
11 Marty Beller Mask Holy Bongwater 2:41
12 Rhythm Section Want Ad Regdar & the Fighters 1:51
13 Doctor Worm Insane Ian 3:00
14 Dee Dee and Dexter TV's Kyle 1:44
15 Other Father Song Dreamstalks 1:06
16 Don't Let's Start Smashy Claw 2:34
17 Particle Man Bonecage 1:34
18 Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love Rachel Hayward 1:34
19 The Cap'm Rubin & The Novelty Shack 3:13
20 Bee of the Bird of the Moth The Paper Shakers 3:26
21 I Blame You Brook Pridemore 2:38
22 Weep Day Purple Rectangle 2:00
23 Experimental Film Anthony And The Mountain 2:58
24 Can't Keep Johnny Down James K. Folk 2:40
25 Birdhouse in Your Soul Tom Brislin 3:24
26 Hide Away Folk Family Dominic Linde 3:14
27 Fingertips They Might Be Gaints 4:37

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