Stewy The Dog Boy (Show)

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Stewy The Dog Boy pilot from KaBlam! featuring incidental music by TMBG
Stewy The Dog Boy unused theme song by TMBG

Stewy The Dog Boy was an animated pilot by Dennis Messner that aired on KaBlam! in 2000 and featured incidental music by They Might Be Giants. A full Nickelodeon series was in the works featuring theme and incidental music by TMBG, but it was canceled before airing due to similarities with Disney's forthcoming 2000 series Teacher's Pet.

John Flansburgh referred to the series and its theme in a June 1999 New York Times profile: "Mr. Flansburgh popped one tape after another into his stereo. 'This is a theme we've done for a new Nickelodeon series, Stewy the Dogboy, he said as human barking filled the room.'"

Due to a pre-existing contract, the theme song TMBG recorded for the series was not used in the KaBlam! pilot, and went unheard by fans for nearly two decades until a 1999 sampler CD surfaced in 2018.

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