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The human skull. It combines two of TMBG's favorite things: Heads and Death.

Central theme[edit]

  • Austin - "Cutting off my skull", "Removing the back of my skull"
  • Contrecoup - Coup and contrecoup are brain bruises caused by collision with the skull
  • The Mexican Drill - "We're not building skull thrones"
  • Skullivan
  • Turn Around - "Turn around, turn around / It's a human skull on the ground"

Briefly mentioned[edit]

Honorable mentions[edit]

  • Back To Skull - On the cover art, a child throws a skull into the air
  • Damn Good Times - Multiple skulls in the music video
  • Experimental Film - Homestar Runner music video features a skull with arms on a penny farthing
  • John Henry - Similar artwork as Back To Skull; features the same skull held by a child in the back cover art, and on the ground on the disc's label
  • Old Pine Box - Track artwork depicts a skull in a helmet

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