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I translated the sections of the article about TMBG into English using Microsoft Translator, along with some grammar fixes. You're welcome. -T-boi

""We haven't come to Barcelona enough," acknowledged guitarist John Flansburgh shortly after starting the They Might Be Giants concert, a project he's been sharing for 35 years! with another John, keyboardist John Linnell. They didn't come long enough, but they paid off their debt with their proverbial enthusiasm, infinite energy and good doses of delirium.

The party kicked off with the video for 'Walk this way', Run-DMC and Aerosmith's classic rap-rock hit, screen-written with They Might Be Giants song 'Last Wave', a single from a recent album explicitly titled 'I like fun'). Arranged the band on stage, unstoppable succession of classics of yesterday and today, from the basic 'Birdhouse in your soul' to a 'Let's get this over with' in which Linnell premiered for the accordion; from the crispy power pop from 'All time what' to oldie goldie 'Your racist friend'; from his appropriation from 'The lion sleeps tonight' (The Tokens) to another version, 'Istanbul (Not Constantinople)' by The Four Lads. In between, they turned the audience into part of a fairly freaky orchestra or scored a live 'fade out', claiming the eageraction of play as a solution to all evils. We must not cease being the child you were; or not at all."