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Fan Recaps and Comments:

John, John and Marty were in the studio for an interview with The Mayor of Nickville. They had a small drum kit, a guitar and an accordian.

They claimed that they had never played "Johnny" with this arrangement and hoped they could do it justice (specifically, using an accordian instead of keyboards). It sounded great but they joked afterword that they didn't in fact live up to the recorded version. Flansy's mic on the backing vocals was a little overpowering against Linnell's lead.

"Cloisonné" started a little rough, with Flansy slightly flat, but he recovered quickly and finished strong.

They played "Istanbul" just after 4pm because "we're entering the drive time hour so let's give the people something to listen to." Fairly straightforward version. Solid but unremarkable.

They also recorded an ad-libbed bumper spot referring to "270 degrees of music!" with "just enough room to have an escape path."

After the interview, the guys were very gracious at pausing to sign a few things, pose for photos and donate some signed memorabilia to the station. I was wearing my Apollo 18 tour shirt with the Fidelity/Melody/Quantity Venn Diagram, and John commented that he really liked that shirt. I told him that I wished they'd reprint it!