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Setlist: (Incomplete and out of order)

They Might Be Giants
— with Oppenheimer opening —
Slowdown in Omaha, NE
March 1, 2008 at 9:00 PM

Fan Recaps and Comments:

First of all, it was a really great show!

The opening act, Oppenheimer, did amazing as usual. I had bought something and got a foam finger, and I saw that Oppenheimer wasn't giving any out, so I wrote "Oppenheimer" on the back of it (along with my brother's) and showed Shaun and Rocky. They really liked that we did that, and they signed 'em for us, which we thought was cool. My bro and I were talking to them for a while and they seem like really awesome guys! Anyway, during their set, they dedicated a song to us (anyone that was there might remember that, Shaun just said "This song's dedicated to Jessica and Calen, it's called 'Breakfast In NYC!'" which was awesome, 'cause that song's a personal favorite by them) and we got some pictures with them afterward.

They Might Be Giants did a killer job as well! The whole band played really well together, it all seemed to flow pretty smoothly. Flansburgh kept running off the stage, though...not too sure as to why that was. But They seemed to be in a good mood and were making jokes (like always). I think they were excited to be back in Omaha, even if it wasn't at Sokol Auditorium.

Also, They started with "Doctor Worm" which kinda sucked. It sounded good and everything, and I LOVE the song, but it belongs closer to the end of the show, in my opinion. It was a great set list though, they played some songs I'd never expect to hear at a live show, like "How Can I Sing Like a Girl?" But there were still the bound-to-be-played songs like "Birdhouse" and "Particle Man" and "Why Does the Sun Shine?" which was good. They also played "Apartment Four" which I hadn't heard yet, and I'm glad they played it. Linnell seemed in a particularly good mood; at least, compared to other shows I've been to.

The replacement drummer did very well, but no one could ever truly replace Marty. I was directly front and center, seriously, I was touching all the mikes and stuff before the show started...anyway, I was standing directly in front of the drummer, and he (as well as the Johns, which is cool) kept looking at me, so I gave him a thumbs up. I got a couple good snapshots but not a lot, 'cause I didn't want my camera to get taken away.

Overall, it was a terrific show, with terrific songs, terrific in-between jokes, and a TERRIFIC opening act! I definitely cannot wait to see them live again.