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Fan Recaps and Comments:


This was certainly the most intimate venue I've ever seen TMBG in. It was likely the most intimate venue I've ever seen any band in -- I've stayed in hotel rooms larger than the ticket office (and I when I travel, I do so on a budget!). Alas, one can't beat the price, plus I wouldn't have even known about it if it weren't for the wiki, so mad props to whoever posted about this pre-show opportunity.
The band consisted of the Johns, the horn section, and Marty drumming on Linnell's accordion case (if you're an old school "Weird Al" fan who's seen Bermuda Schwartz drumming on Al's accordion case back when he was first starting out, it was much the same kind of deal). It's a good thing Dan's M. and W. were absent, as I don't think there would have been enough room for everyone plus an audience.
Since it was a radio broadcast there was no amplification, making for some sweet sounding music but some very muffled vocals...Flans was a little better at projecting over the music than Linnell. Did anyone hear the broadcast? Did it sound more balanced over the air? As a former radio guy it looked like it was miked up just right, but since I didn't hear the on-air result, I have no idea.
Last, they did some bits of Mr. Me and She's Actual Size for sound check purposes before the actual broadcast. In all, a great warm-up for a really great show.


What a great show...I can guarantee you that I will probably never get to see TMBG in that small of a venue ever again. I'm going to say that there were 30 or 40 of us crammed into the tiny box office, which ended up doubling as a makeshift radio studio.
The horns and Marty were great (although the Dans weren't there, and just as well, because there was no room for them). Marty and the horns were jammed into this bay-window area, with J&J up front. It was a little odd though, due to the fact that the mics were set up for the radio, so you couldn't really hear the vocals as well as the folks at home could, I'm sure.
It was only three songs, but they were all great, especially Mr. Me, which was just a really fun song. Oh, and hearing Flans do the yodeling (or whatever you want to call it) during Istanbul was quite incredible. He sounded exactly like the album version.
The entire show could not have been more than 10 minutes, even with the short interview, but it was a great ten minutes that my family and I definitely enjoyed!


The early show was fantastic! Thank you so much to whoever posted it on the wiki! Although there was no amplification, the show still sounded pretty good. Linnell was a little harder to hear than Flansy was, but that's to be exspected. My family heard the radio broadcast on their car ride home and they said that it sounded really good. They were all jealous that they couldn't stay. So overall the show was great.

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