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Fan Recaps and Comments:

I remember TMBG opening with Why Does the Sun Shine?, followed by Birdhouse in Your Soul. The set also included Alphabet of Nations, Fingertips, Ana Ng, Boss of Me and ending with Istanbul (Not Constantinople). Maybe Damn Good Times? The crowd was extremely large, but at times unattentive. The mosh pits around the stage were perplexed on occasion, especially during Fingertips. But it was an extremely solid show. And I had fun.

At HFStival, the huge annual festival for a now struggling D.C./Baltimore radio station, WHFS. The headliners were the Foo Fighters and Coldplay, also featuring Billy Idol, Good Charlotte, The New York Dolls, Louis XVI, Garbage, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Bravery, and Sum 41. TMBG seemed a little out of place, but won over large numbers of fans with their humor and music.