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I came upon this particular page to see what people thought about this show, but I guess I have to post my opinion to get it. This was my fourth time seeing They Might Be Giants and ranks up near the top for various reasons. The attitude was very casual. Everybody was seated so that the children could see, and just before the show started the children were instructed to move to the front of the stage.
Speaking of which, the stage was tiny and low, very casual. The band consisted of the John's and the drummer Marty, so Flansburgh often had to take to the bass guitar instead of his regular electric. The attitude of the show was very sparse and impromptu, not unlike their early days of performance. They played mostly off of their kids' albums but also touched on a few of their hits - particle man, istanbul, and doctor worm. Marty even came up and sang a song, which added to the excitement.
It was a particularly quiet and unassuming show, which I consider to be an advantage. It was free, and the band did a signing afterwards. I bought a Vonnegut book and had them sign it since I didn't bring anything and already own all the albums. Marty told me as he signed my book that he often saw Vonnegut walking the streets of New York city when he used to live there. The John's were understandably professional about the signing, but Marty was much more friendly and open to conversation. As concert experiences go, this show definitely ranks as one of the least stressful