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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Jim Cronen:
Particle Man: featuring John Linnell on the Stylophone; Linnell also had a few problems with the lyrics and they stopped after "Person Man" and restarted. I love live shows. Violin: the Johns made the crowd do the wave during the "slide" section in the middle.

Review by Kathleen:
Arrived at Stuyvesant Plaza a little after 9 and there was a mom of a 6 year old waihere saving a spot for her kid and husband and there was a really nice SUNY student who'd been there since 8:30...It was quite cold but it was really exciting to be waiting it out with other hardcore fans. I don't quite remember when people arrived but it was awesome having people to talk to who love TMBG and they admired our plushies. A little before noon, a lady from The Book House had us move our line around the other way. Then she disappeared. A couple minutes later (I think) a silver Subaru pulls up and a guy in a red sweater runs to the door and tries to open it. Now this upset me, this guy was not only leaving his car running there, butting and stuff, but why would we be waiting there if the door was open!?!? Silly *fan.* But this thought ended quickly, when I saw my friend's face and realized it was Linnell... He asked how to get in...and how long we'd been there, I think. Well, I took it upon myself to say "3 hours." even if he hadn't asked... The lady with the six year old explain to poor, confused Linnell where he could get in from the back. Then he hopped back in his silver Subaru... thing... it wasn't really an SUV... Okay, blah blah blah, then we bought our books, got our free tickets and hopped in line to get into the empty store next door where They would be playing. This was a little after noon... So, they had black plastic bags over the windows, but I found a crack and watched them set up. But eventually the whole thing fell down there and it was covered back up. I put my ear next to the wall while They were doing their soundcheck... but I really just heard... noise... At 1, we were let in. It was nice to be in from the cold. (it was *very* cold that day). We ran right up to the orange tape in the middle and sat. We sat for 50 minutes and a sometime in there the tape was taken down and we were told to not go past where it had been. Then, the Book House lady came out and told us safety stuff—exits, etc. 5 minutes later, out comes Flansy. He told us They'd be performing soon and that the kids should sit up front and the adults should stand. There goes our spots! But it was alright, they were tiny kids and didn't make much of a difference. Just made things a little crowded, but whatever, the spots were still *awesome.* I took a bunch of pictures... Lessee, first They had us clap (you know, a steady beat). Then They played Particle Man with us clapping...that was fun. Okay, second, I believe was Cyclops Rock...w00t! Good song...and some crazy people went... um... crazier. I love TMBG fans. Third... They taught us the wave (mostly to the kids, assuming the adults knew). They sent it from the front to the back where the guy in the leather was ("Are you standing on something or are you just really tall?" —Flansy) They did a practice after explaining it and when They played Violin. Linnell is so great, especially when he does "Speck of dust"... I caught a picture of Them doing the wave. Then...some other songs...Bed Bed Bed, Impossible, Stalk of Wheat, Istanbul, Dr. Worm ("required by law", "right in the shadow of the iron fist of New York State law", "here in Albany") and an encore of Robot Parade At some point there, when Flansy was doing announcements, some guy raised his hand and ("even though this isn't the question and answer period, yes?" —Linnell) asked if Gigantic DVDs will be made available. Flansy said no, he doesn't think it's out yet and a couple people yelled November 18th... silly Flansy... The room cleared out and my friend's mom stole the cardboard sleeve from Linnell's coffee cup and my friend and I split it in half. We went to Starbucks until the line died down a bit, especially since They'd asked that anyone with piles of stuff to get signed, go last. Kids get impatient. Then we met Them. My friend and I got our plushies signed. (I had made little plush dolls of Them. I have the Linnell doll, she has Flansburgh) I showed Linnell the doll and said "his hair's a little messed up, but your's always is anyway." They signed the books. Linnell asked me what my name is and I said "Kathleen." then he said "How old are you or should I just put a question mark?" That seemed a little odd, but I replied, "uh....fifteen." We took pictures. I got his coffee sleeve signed. He kinda laughed when I told him I stole it from the stage. They signed my Ana Ng record too. They said they hadn't seen one of those in a long time, but I ordered it from their store a couple months ago. And as I left, I said, by accident—not to offend him or anything, not that he's easily offended "It was made the year I was born." and Linnell responded with "Oh, rub it in."