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Review by Beanmom:

They were pretty light on banter, as they only had about 50 minutes to play... (Had to clear the stage for Art Garfunkel, I suppose)
After WDTSS, Linnell said something along the lines of:
People tell us we should play this next song, the song's called "Dead" and they say, "Hey, you guys should play Dead!" to which we reply, "We're NOT YOUR DOGS"
Flans did slip the F-word one time, which was rather cringe-worthy since the show was sponsored by WXPN, and Kathy O'Connell, the host of the nightly kid's show on WXPN, got up before They came on and talked about how TMBG was a great hit with the kids and they're a big favorite on the show and "you're never too old for your They Might Be Giants!!" 20 minutes later, Linnell is jamming on that Kaoss pad thingy and Flans is yelling about how, "in the future, all music will sound like this! It's gonna be so fucking fantastic!!" I wonder if WXPN will be inviting them back...  ;)
WDTSS involved the "patchouli oil and kilns are a gas on the sun" speech, and a whole lot of estrogen.