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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Eric:
Traffic to Virginia from Maryland was horrendous, as would be expected. I got to the stage around 6:30. There were around 4000 seats set up, and standing room in the front. Me and my friends took the front row of seats i in the center, and I told them that I was going to sit this one down and just enjoy the music for a chance -- but as soon the band got on stage, I stood up, and stayed standing for the rest of the show.

The Johns and Dans took the stage in a rather timely manner, around 7:25 or so. Flans ran into some wireless mic trouble during She's Actual Size, and they called out their sound guy (also a John, I believe), who worked his "rock 'n' roll magic," as took Flans' mic offstage and moved the center mic over to replace the removed one. Linnell halted Older twice to discuss the Budweiser towels they were (or were not) given, and then to discuss the possibility of him getting the e-mail address he acknowledged that Flansy had probably already taken it. At one point, in a rare display of charisma, Dan Miller stood on top of one of the stage monitors.

Overall, this was a truly rockin' show -- just look at the set list! It lasted only about an hour, though. I hung around afterwards, and Dan Miller and Dan Hickey signed some autographs from the other side of the fence. Dan Miller wasn't particularly accomodating, but Dan Hickey was, as always, the man. A bunch of people gave them shoes to sign, and one of my friends had Dan Hickey sign his "Change of Major" form from our university that he had in his pocket from earlier in the day. I got some pictures that I'll put on the web as soon as they get developed.

Flansburgh once again announced September 11 as the release date for Mink Car, and also announced that they will be playing in London in July. That's all for me tonight... I'm out.