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If it weren't for the crowd at this concert, I might be able to say that this was the best TMBG show I've been to in a long time. THEY pulled some great stuff out of their bag, some old material (It's not my Birthday and Nothing's gonna change my clothes!), some rare stuff, (FingerTips was a HUGE surprise!! as was Maybe I know and Cowtown), and the show was packed with new material ranging form Cyclops Rock to I've got a Fang.

The Johns were at the top of their gab, talking about anything from the leader of the band on the Johnny Carson Show, to Buddy Ray, to voting. The crowd, though, was a little tame at this show. Not many people were dancing or bouncing around to the music, and when I & my friend tried to we were met with much animosity.

But all in all a great concert-going experience.