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Review by Kris Maxwell:

My evil bootlegging ways finally caught up to me at this show. I had gotten cocky, and decided to abandon my usual caution, so I held my recorder up high to get a cleaner signal.
About 3 songs in, I was grabbed from behind by a burly security guy and hauled out of the audience to be "dealt with."
However, the location where I was detained while awaiting judgment was actually BACKSTAGE. So I got to see Doctor Worm, S-E-X-X-Y, and part of She's Actual Size from an amazing new vantage-- BEHIND the band.
Then I was tossed out, and while escorting me off the premises, the security guy who initially nabbed me confided that if I'd not held my recorder so high, I would've gotten away with it.
So... lesson learned, I guess?