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Review by Ellen Gersh:
Wow. what a night! After arriving at college and meeting a guy who liked TMBG, I found out about this show... at this point I only had A18, which I worshipped, and Flood, which I hated. Anyhoo, we go there before the first performers, the Cardigans went on. (This was pre-Lovefool so they were fairly unknown.) Then, finally TMBG came on. There were three of us, and at the beginning we were in the second row of people. (The Hatch Shell is a large outdoor ampitheater if you didn't know.) We got pushed back so by the middle of the set, we were on the edge of the mosh pit, and had to trianglate in an effort to stay upright... :) But TMBG were great, as evidenced by the fact that from that day on they have been my favorite band. They even tried to have a giant conga which failed quite miserably. After the show, we all collapsed from exhaustion and dehydration. I blew dirt out in my snot all the next day. What a great show!