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Setlist: (incomplete and possibly out of order)

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Frank Black was solo. I remember thinking how cool it was for a major guy like him to be the opening act.
It's been forever. I recall they opened with a surreal version of Istanbul. The song started in the regular way but quickly the lights went low and they started laying down on their backs with their legs in the air dragging each syllable out with a lot of reverb... "Iiiii-staaaan-buuuuuul...." The song didn't finish before the lights came on and they went into a bright, upbeat song (I don't recall which).
My other recollection is that for Meet James Ensor they sang in the microphone, together, neh-ne-ne-ne-ne ne-ne-ne-ne instead of playing the guitar solo.

"They Might Be Giants Learn Aggie Traditions" by Amy Berk
Aggieland Yearbook, 1995:

A street lamp and a park bench. A trumpet's trill joined by a tuba's booming bass. A parade on Main Street? No. On Monday, Dec. 5 this was the start of Rudder Auditorium's very own mosh pit.

Frank Black warmed up the crowd for They Might Be GIants who were touring to promote their newest album "John Henry." The concert featured many songs from "John Henry." TMBG also played old favorites such as "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)," "Particle Man" and "The Guitar."

By the end of the night, the Aggies had educated the band who were confused by the Horse Laugh. The band provoked the audience into one last hiss by exclaiming, "Let's hear it for Austin one more time!"