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Setlist: (incomplete and out of order)

Fan Recaps and Comments:

IIRC I managed to get right up close to the stage and got sweated on by Flans.For the longest time I had a pick from this gig but during the intervening 23 years it seems to have been misplaced. (Dr Raygun May 4 2015)

I'm writing this 26 years later so its all a bit fuzzy. I remember that while fans were queueing outside Flans walked out the front door and right past everybody, we went a bit nuts. The show was amazing, the venue felt really packed out. It was crazy hot in there, the band looked like they were seriously perspiring and roadie Adam Gavzer was dressed in a red vest like he was on the beach. There was a stage-invader during "Dig My Grave" who danced for a few seconds until Adam came on stage and dragged him off. Flans played the tiny two-piece drumkit for "Actual Size" and during Stump The Band (Light My Fire).--astralbee (talk) 09:26, 7 July 2020 (EDT)